Squid Fishing Machine sanmei SX

Squid Fishing Machine sanmei SX
AC servo motor is loaded. It is proud of the sharp stick slide.

Squid Fishing Machine sanmei SX

This is the progressed high performance "squid fishing machine" which inherited the traditional great features such as "AC servo motor is loaded," and "high-speed cycle time is realized by a round drum".
In particular, the "sharp stick slide" by a round drum not only has a good articulation but also realizes the nylon string trouble reduction and the improvement of the operation efficiency, it has been pleasing the customers.


1. Adjustable lowering torque by the electronic clutch function!

During the lowering operation, descent torque (4 stages: initial velocity 1, initial velocity 2, lower speed, and terminal velocity) corresponding to the fishing grounds to prevent loosening of the fishing gut by adjusting with centralized control panel.

2. Submaximal speed 150rpm!

By the round drum and the fast lowering operation with the lowering speed of 150rpm, it does not miss the school of fish that was caught in the fishing grounds.
(Spindle actual rotation)

3. The movement of the needle is like that of the diamond drum in spite of being a round drum!

It can wind like a diamond drum and correspond to the float reaction of the school of fish.

4. The sharp stick slide attract squids.

Sharp stick slide by AC servo motors will attract flocks of squid.
You can adjust or change the stick slide sharpness from soft to sharp instantly with a centralized control panel as you like.


 Fishing machine body

Power supply Three phase AC220 [V]
Motor AC servo motor
Display 7-segment LED × 8-digit
Operation Key panel with 10 keys
3-point push-button switch
Expected depth of water 0 to 999 [m]
Spindle speed Lowering 5 to 150 [rpm]
Lifting 5 to 130 [rpm]
Stick slide 10 to 130 [rpm]
Drum circumference 1.31 [m] (Configurable)
Connection method Power wire 1.25sq × 3-core shield
Signal line 1.25sq twisted 2-core shield
Box SUS304 Welding, pressed bottom
Coating color Bright green (10GY6 / 6) [baking finish]
Mounting dimensions 260 × 520 [mm] 
Weight 84.5 [kg] (Including the drums) 

 Centralized control panel

Power supply DC24 [V]
Image display 10.4 inches TFT type color LCD
Operation Touch panel (analog resistive film type)
Communication method Multi-drop method
Connected equipment Squid Fishing Machine
SE-UA1 series
Independent Operating panel
Connection method Centralized control panel power line 1.25sq, 2-core shield
Fishing machine signal line 1.25sq twisted 2-core shield
Connectable number Squid Fishing Machine 1 to 64
Independent Operating panel 1 to 4
Option 1. Fish finder interlocking (Sanmei, NMEA0183, Cursor specifications fish finder)
2. External warning contact (Input 1 point, output 5 points)
Box SUS304
Coating color Pearl White (2.5RP9 / 1) [baking finish]
External dimensions H454, W344, D150 [mm]
Mounting dimensions H430, W300[mm]
Weight 13 [kg]

※The contents of this specification are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.

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