Spray Coater

DC111 Spray Coater
DC series spray coater (three-dimensional resist coating apparatus)

DC111 Spray Coater

This device is a spray coater which is developed for MEMS devices and various types of semiconductor research.

1. Corresponding to the MEMS devices
2. Film thickness uniformity of the coating even to the uneven surface
3. Vias, trenches embedded application
4. Equipped with a built-in heater sample stage. Sample temperature control up to 100 ℃ is possible.
5. As for servo motor, our "Si-servo" is used which is low vibration, low heat generation and high accuracy.
6. Special specifications are also available.


1. It enables high-accuracy film thickness uniform application

By a spray nozzle that can make fine particles, it can form a uniform film on the parts where it was difficult to apply with conventional spinners such as inclined surface on the substrate, or a trapezoidal or right angle apex.
In addition, it is possible to apply resist embedded coating to the parts where it was difficult to achieve by the spinners such as to the cavity, the via hole, the trench structure.
Coating thickness corresponds from the thin film of spinner class to super-thick film. The film thickness can be from 1μm up to 600μm. (Depending on the chemical liquid characteristics.)

2. It is possible to apply various chemical solutions.

It corresponds not only to ultra-thick film resist such as AZ-P4000 series (AZ Electronic Materials, Inc.), SU8 (Nippon Kayaku Co.,Ltd.), KMPR series, but also to benzocyclobutene resin (BCB) and various polymers.
High-viscosity chemical solutions are also applicable. (Depending on the chemical liquid characteristics.)

3. To minimize the waste of the chemical solutions.

Because it applies to the barebones surface, there is no waste of chemical solutions as of spin coating.
Also because a syringe is placed close to the spray part, the waste in a chemical solution line is minimal.


 Basic Specifications

Basic Specifications
Apparatus official name DC111
Appellation Spray Coater
Format Nozzle moving type and the sample fixed spray system
Sample table size DC111: 220×220mm □
Nozzle moving range DC111: vertical and horizontal 300mm
Nozzle moving speed 10 to 300mm / second
Chemical liquid amount control method Due to the chemical liquid air pressure feed and the micro needle.
Particle size approx. 5-15μm (It depends on the used fluid)


Clean dry air 5Kg/cm2 (≒0.5Mpa) 15 L / min or more
(Pneumatic tube connection port φ6mm one-touch fitting)
Power supply DC111: 1ϕ AC100V 1800W
Exhaust Exhaust from the external. 2300 L / min
(Connecting duct diameter ϕ100mm)

 Dimensions and weight

Body size DC111: H1000, W650, D680mm
(Not including the protrusions)
Weight DC111: 100Kg

* The contents of this specification are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.

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